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Crack the Habit - Egg-free foods and recipes.

Crack the Cruelty:
Take COK's 30-day egg-free pledge!

Thank you to everyone for "Cracking the Habit" by taking COK's 30-day egg-free pledge! The pledge is now over, but check out stories, reviews, and more from our 2009 campaign!

Sign our egg-free pledge

The egg industry's busiest time of year is the Easter season. After the holiday passes, "sales go down, but the hens keep on laying eggs," says the American Egg Board. In an effort to boost post-holiday sales, egg producers across the country celebrate May as "National Egg Month." Compassion Over Killing is asking you to put an animal-friendly spin on this month-long industry-declared holiday by pledging to Crack the Cruelty and choose egg-free foods for at least 30 days!

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Cracking the Cruelty: Animal Suffering in the Egg Industry

Egg-laying hens are perhaps the most intensively confined animals on today's factory farms. More than 95% of these hens in the U.S.—over 250 million birds—are forced to spend virtually their entire lives crammed inside barren wire battery cages, unable to perform many of their most natural behaviors including dust bathing, preening and nesting. Visit our photo gallery and video room to take a virtual tour inside an egg factory farm.

Egg-laying hens are routinely treated so cruelly, it would likely lead to prosecution if those same abuses were inflicted upon the dogs and cats with whom we share our homes.

Read COK's report: Animal Suffering in the Egg Industry, which further discusses the hidden horrors of egg production including the painful reality that all laying hens come from hatcheries that kill male chicks, often by grinding, gassing, or suffocation.

What People Had to Say about Going Egg—Free in 2008

“Two weeks into being egg free, I felt it was so easy that I gave up all dairy....I want to thank you for challenging me to try egg free because it made it easier to take it to the next step.”

- Melissa in Casselberry, FL

“I have decided to go egg free (and dairy free) forever..on top of being meat free!”

- Jennie in Siloam Springs, AR

Pledge to Go Egg-Free for 30 Days!

One of the best steps each of us can take to make a difference for egg-laying hens is to simply leave their eggs out of our shopping carts. Choosing egg-free foods is easier than ever, and we’re here to help you along the way!

Join Melissa, Jennie and other compassionate people by signing, COK’s 30-day egg-free pledge today and receive our “Cracking the Habit” action pack filled with everything you need to transition to an egg-free diet, including recipes, resources, and coupons for egg-free products.

Send this page to a friendSpecial Bonus! The first 200 people to sign our pledge will get a free copy of VegNews magazine—hot off the presses!

Plus, everyone who signs our pledge will be entered into a random drawing to win a gift basket of treats from Vegan Essentials or Pangea or a COK logo t-shirt.

Wait, there’s more! Share your story tell us why you’re going egg-free and send us a photo of your favorite vegan meal or product—and the first 75 people will receive a free package of Teese, vegan soy cheese, courtesy of Chicago Soy Dairy.

Sign me up: I want to Crack the Cruelty by going egg-free for 30 days!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting COK's Egg-Free Pledge!

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