What’s Inside Your Egg Carton?

Compassion Over Killing’s Hard-Boiled Truth advertising campaign is aimed at educating consumers nationwide about the painful realities of egg production. Our newest ad, “What’s Inside Your Egg Carton?” (see ad and text below) is now running on the back cover of the Spring 2007 issue of Ms. magazine. In 2006, our “The Hidden Cost of Eggs,” ad ran in Ms. and Bust magazines.


What’s Inside Your Egg Carton?

Keep the cruelty out of your refrigerator:
Choose egg-free foods.

Behind nearly every egg sold in grocery stores today is a hen confined inside a wire battery cage so restrictive, she can barely even move. To make matters worse, not only is the egg industry keeping nearly 300 million hens in such cruel conditions, it’s also deceiving consumers about that abuse through false or exaggerated claims on cartons.

Learn the truth.
Demand the truth.

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